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BIO 140: Environmental Biology: Finding Articles

This guide supports our BIO 140 courses. You can find links to excellent resources here.

Find scholarly and peer-reviewed articles @ Durham Tech!

In the search box below you can find scholarly and peer-reviewed articles online. Type your search terms and find great research!

For a refresher about how scholarly articles differ from popular articles, see "Scholarly and Popular articles - what's the difference?" below.

What is a library database?

  • Library databases are the BEST way to find high quality articles from magazines and scholarly journals.
  •  Even though a database is online, the articles are not considered to be webpage articles.
  • Some of the database articles are available in full-text, while others only include an abstract (summary).  When you search for a topic in a database, the resulting list of article citations will show if each article is available full-text.

Scholarly and Popular articles - what's the difference?


Anatomy of a Scholarly Article


Please click the image below to learn about the different parts of a scholarly article. (Image provided by NCSU Libraries)

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Science Databases

International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters

International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters addresses not only human-made disasters--like airplane crashes--but also environmental disasters, such as floods, tornadoes and wildfires.

CQ Researcher