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POL 120: American Government: Finding Articles

This guide features lots of resources to help with your POL 120 course assignments!

What is a library database?

  • Library databases are the BEST way to find high quality, scholarly articles from journals.
  •  A library database is an online resource that the library subscribes to that indexes articles from print sources such as magazines and journals.


Search all library collections @ Durham Tech!

Durham Tech's online library collections include millions of articles, which you can search in the box below.

Durham Tech's library collections include books at three campus libraries, as well as over 120,000 e-books. Search all of Durham Tech's books and e-books in the box below.

The search below includes community college libraries across North Carolina.


The search below includes books in the Durham Tech library and e-books, but does not include other libraries' books.


The search below is intended to find only e-books at Durham Tech. It is constructed by including "Book/eBook" but excluding library catalog results.

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Political Science and History Databases

General Academic Databases

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