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Emergency Medical Sciences Subject Guide: Research Databases

Resources for the Emergency Medical Services program at Durham Tech, including research tools and library resources.

Durham Tech Library Databases

Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy

What is a library database?

  • Library databases are the BEST way to find quality, scholarly articles from journals.
  •  A library database is an online resource that the library subscribes to that indexes articles from print sources such as magazines and journals.  Each separate database includes different articles from a different set of journals, although there may be some overlap of articles included in some databases. In order to do a comprehensive search on a topic, you will most likely need to perform searches in several databases.
  •  Even though a database is online, it is not considered an internet source
  • Some of the database articles are available in Full Text, while others only include an abstract (summary).  When you search for a topic in a database, the resulting list of article citations will show if each article is available full-text in either HTML or PDF format. 

Emergency Medicine Scholarly Journals Available through Our Databases

Scholarly journals are research-based and often peer-reviewed publicatons that feature detailed articles focusing on topics within an academic field. 

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Scholarly Journals Online