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French Language, Literature and Culture Subject Guide: Finding Materials in the Library

This guide supports our FRE courses and students. You can find links to excellent resources here.

Finding books in French

Finding French resources in the library

French language

You can browse the library shelves for French language books. French literature, poetry and drama can be found between the call numbers PQ 1 and PQ 3999. Books geared toward learning French are generally found in the range PC 2001 - PC 3761. This includes grammar books and dictionaries.

France and Francophone history and culture

Wikipedia page: "List of territorial entities where French is an official language."

Books about France are in the DC call number range. African history and culture are in DT. Caribbean history and culture are in the range F 2155 - F 2191.

So, check out the boxes below to see a selection of library books that will support you in your French studies!

Search library catalog, Durham Tech only

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French poetry and literature books in the library

Here is a selection of a few books written in French, which you can check out from the Durham Tech libraries.

French and Francophone history and culture books in the library

Grammar for students of French