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Library Procedures: Library Rules

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Who is a library visitor?

  • A visitor is anyone who is not currently enrolled at or employed by Durham Tech. 
  • Currently enrolled students may not sign in as visitors; their current Durham Tech ID is required.  This includes students under 18 enrolled in Durham Tech high school programs.


What is the procedure for visitors entering the library?

  • All visitors must produce a photo ID and sign in to the library visitor log, with the exception of minor children (age 17 and under) who are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  •  Visitors age 16 and 17 without a parent or guardian must sign in with their own photo ID.
  •  Visitors under age 16 without a parent or guardian with them may not enter the library.

Can visitors use library computers?

  • Visitors age 18 and older may use the upstairs library computers if they have been issued a Durham Tech library card.  A photo ID is required for a Durham Tech library card.
  • Visitors age 16 and 17 may use the upstairs library computers if they have been issued a Durham Tech library card, which requires the authorization of a parent or guardian. Form is linked below.
  •  Visitors age 15 and under may not use any library computers at any time.

PLEASE NOTE: The downstairs ERC computer lab is restricted to current students with Durham Tech ID.  No visitor of any age may accompany a student into the downstairs lab.

Procedure Revised Feb. 20, 2019


Per the Student Code of Conduct, Durham Tech has an obligation to maintain a safe and orderly educational environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors with the intent to protect the rights and safety of all individuals on campus. Any new, returning, or currently enrolled students wishing to utilize College services or facilities must have a valid Durham Tech student ID or Campus Access card.

The library's goal is to create an environment that promotes a quiet place for study and academic research. To foster this environment, the library has established the following rules:

  • No loud or disruptive music or behavior.
  • No eating or drinking in the computer lab or near any computers.
  • No club meetings or non-academic gatherings.

Further, the following behavior will not be tolerated:

  • Vandalism, damage, destruction, or theft of institutional or private property. 
  • Abuse or misuse of computing resources as outlined in the Appropriate Use of Computing Resources policy.
  • Violation of regulations concerning drug and alcohol use as outlined in Drug and Alcohol policy.
  • Possession or use of firearms, knives, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or other weapons, except for legally authorized use either on College property or at any College-sponsored event. Consult the Weapons on College Property policy for more information.
  • Verbal or physical harassment, assault, or battery of a College employee, student, or visitor. 
  • Sexual harassment as outlined in the Sexual Misconduct/Title IX policy.
  • Disorderly or legally obscene conduct.
  • Breach of peace on College property or at any College-sponsored event in a manner that disturbs the privacy of other individuals and/or the instructional program.
  • Failure to comply with the lawful directions of College officials, faculty, staff, or Campus Police and Public Safety officers acting in the performance of their duties.
  • Failure to identify oneself when on College property or at College-sponsored events upon the request of College officials, faculty, staff, or Campus Police and Public Safety officers acting in the performance of their duties.

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Food and Drink

Drinks with lids are welcome. Packaged snacks and pastries are permitted in the Main Campus library, but all other foods are prohibited. Drinks with lids are not permitted in the computer lab or near any computers. Please help us protect the library and its resources by disposing of any and all trash.

Drinks with lids are allowed in the Orange County Campus Library, but no food is allowed, including packaged snacks and pastries. 


Study Rooms and Spaces

The Main Campus library (Educational Resources Center (Building 5)) has two levels. There are four (4) group study rooms, one (1) group study area, individual study carrels on both levels, plenty of tables and chairs, several individual study rooms, and an area designated for quiet study.

Study rooms may be reserved for up to two (2) hours at a time by presenting a Durham Tech library card at the library front desk. When not in use, study rooms are locked. All study rooms are available to students on a first-come, first-served basis for academic use only; only faculty may reserve study rooms.

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