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Library Procedures: Technology

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Computer Rules 

Use of any College computer indicates an understanding of, and agreement to, the terms of the Appropriate Use of Computing Resources policy.

Food and drink are not allowed beside library computers.

Computer Access for Students and Employees

Current students and employees with Durham Tech accounts should log in to North and OC library computers with their Durham Tech usernames (last name, first initial, last 4 digits of your student/employee ID number). This is not required at the Main Campus.

Computer Access for Public Patrons

A public patron of the Durham Tech library is someone who is not either a currently enrolled Durham Tech student or a current Durham Tech employee.

Patrons who are 16 years old and older and who have a Durham Tech library card can request a visitor computer guest pass at the library desk. Patrons with overdue materials or bills on their library accounts will not be allowed to access the computers until the material is returned or the bill is paid. Public patrons receive one (1) computer session per day; this session is limited to a maximum time of 60 minutes.

Visitors under age 16 are not allowed to use Durham Tech library computers. This includes children who are in the library with adult Durham Tech students.


The Main Campus library has two scanners. One is upstairs and available to all patrons, and the other is in the ERC computer lab and available only to students. The Orange County Campus library and the Northern Durham Campus library have one (1) scanner each. There is no cost to use the scanners.

Main Library/ERC Computer Lab

The main library/ERC downstairs computer lab is an open lab for Durham Tech students exclusively. Students must show their current student ID to the lab monitor. Lab access is restricted during library instruction sessions. Consult the calendar for dates and times.

The lab is a dedicated quiet space for study and test taking - do not disturb others with talking, cell phone conversations, or headphone noise while working there.

Food and drink are not allowed inside the downstairs main library/ERC computer lab. This includes items with lids or covers.

                                      Male student on a computer

Printing and Copying 

The upstairs is equipped with HP printers and Xerox copiers capable of both black and white and color printing and copying. The computer lab downstairs has a black and white HP printer.

Library patrons may print and photocopy in black and white for $0.10 per page/side. All jobs printed in color cost $0.25 per page/side.

Students may use the ERC downstairs computer lab with their current ID.

Please Note:

  • Wireless printing is not available at this time.
  • Payment for printing and copying is cash only. 
  • The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, US Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person copying using our equipment or on our premises is liable for any infringement. The library disavows any culpability in cases of copyright infringement with the use of our printing and/or copying machines.


Our wireless network is DTCC Students. There is no password. Wireless printing is not available at this time.

Media Equipment

Media and audiovisual (A/V) equipment, including laptops, cameras, projectors, and tripods, are available at the library for employee check-out only. Employees should contact Media Services for additional information or assistance with equipment use.