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Grammar Resources

A collection of resources for students, faculty, and staff who want to know more about grammar.

Grammar Word Map


In this guide, you will find guidance to information contained both at the library and out in the world (electronically).  Some of these items will require a login; use your Durham Tech ID/Password. We hope these resources will be useful to you in your search for mastery of English Grammar!


VIDEO: 5 tips to improve your writing (12:12)

VIDEO: Things to Remember Before You Write Anything - Business Writing & Grammar (1:38)

Business Writing and Grammar

This Youtube channel contains 30+ videos on different topics in Business Writing. These include common grammar mistakes as well as best practices and tips for business writing.

TED Talks (More videos)

TED Talks: Be a Better Writer in 15 Minutes: 4 Ted-Ed lessons on grammar and word choice.
These 4 TED-Ed lessons provide insight on a variety of grammar topics including the oxford comma, nominalizations, and increasing your vocabulary.