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Evaluating News Sources

Crash Course-Media Skills

Online Verification Skills (SIFT)

Deciding whether information you find online is reliable is a challenge! Following the SIFT method will help. Check out the information below and also the Library Blog post about the SIFT method.

Iconography of the 4 tenets of SIFT: Stop, Investigate, Find coverage, trace to source

This series of 4 short videos give you the tools and methods you need to quickly evaluate information using the SIFT method

  • Stop
  • Investigate the Source
  • Find Better Coverage
  • Trace to original context

Original source and lots more descriptive text: SIFT: the four moves by Mike Caulfield



Fake News Antidote I: Use Fact-Checking Sites

Fake News Antidote II: Be curious. Actively investigate your news sources.

Be skeptical of any news that comes to you through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and web searches. Social media algorithms work to present the news that reinforces your current views, not a balanced view. To echo, not inform.

Independently verify the source (by performing a separate search) and independently verify the information (through more mainstream news sources or fact-checking sites).

Select news sources known for high-quality, investigative reporting. Search these sources directly. Don't settle for web search results or social media news feeds.

Reverse Image Search

Inquisitive wheelie robot.