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Information Technology Subject Guide

This LibGuide supports students taking classes in the Information Technology curriculum (CIS, CSC, CTI, CTS, DBA, NOS, WEB) at Durham Tech.

Information Technology Databases

The library subscribes to many article databases. To keep up-to-date on the latest trends in information technology, try ProQuest's Computer Science Database.

If you are looking for how-to articles rather than scholarly research, you can limit your search to include only trade journals and magazines, for example. Or, if you want to read articles from a particular source (such as PC World), you can see whether that journal is available by looking for it on the list of publications: click "Publications," near the top of the web page, where you can search or browse by journal title.

Also check out Gale's Computer Database, which provides publications in the computer, telecommunications, and electronics industries and includes news and reviews in areas such as hardware, software, electronics, engineering, communications, and the application of technology.

Here are some handy links to some of the online trade journals and popular magazines we have available:

Information Technology articles and videos in the Durham Tech library

The Durham Tech library offers access to millions of online articles and videos, in addition to its physical collections. Use the Find articles search below to search the library's online databases for articles. Use the Find videos search below to search the library's DVD and online video collections.

IT Magazines in the library and online

The library subscribes to three information technology magazines, which you can read in the library: Redmond, Make: and Wired. Current issues are in the Periodicals section, at the back of the top floor of the library.

Of course, there are many magazines you can read online and take advantage of features that aren't available with print magazines. Macworld, PC Advisor, CNET and Linux Journal are just a few examples.