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Tips and Tricks for Current Chromebook Borrowers

Google provides a comprehensive user guide for Chromebooks: Google's How To with Chromebooks Guide.
The library recommends all Durham Tech Chromebook users look through that guide.
To reset your Chromebook to factory settings, sign out of your account, press and hold the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R keys, then click "Restart." When prompted, click "Powerwash" and "Continue" to confirm.
Yes, you can use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook. You can access the web-based version of Office through the Chrome browser.
To fix a non-responsive chromebook with a black screen, try Google's Reset method for troubleshooting chromebooks: Google's How To with Chromebooks Guide
If doing a soft reset does not work, contact the library to see about swapping out your borrowed chromebook.
Yes, you can use a Chromebook offline. While many features require an internet connection, there are several apps and tasks you can perform offline, such as creating and editing documents in Google Drive, reading and responding to emails in Gmail Offline, and using note-taking apps like Google Keep.